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Created for Ludum Dare 42. This doubles as both my first Ludum Dare and the first game that I actually release. Needless to say I am excited. 

Try your best to eat and gain points in order to reach your goal before you run out of space in your stomach or time runs out. Be careful  the food may not work the same if it goes bad.

Food Guide:
  • Apple - Won't give you too many points but also won't fill you as much
  • Beer- Low points and fills you a lot
  • Brownie - Average points and pretty filling
  • Cheese - Average points with very high filling unless it has gone bad
  • Fish -  Good points for how much it fills but be careful if it goes bad
  • Honey - Low points that barely fills at all and it will stay good to eat for a while
  • Pie - High points but very filling
  • Pretzel - Good amount of points which fills you an average amount

Made with:

  • Unity 2018.2.1f1 personal
  • Visual Studio 2017


Install instructions

After running the .exe make sure to run the game on windowed


Stuffed.zip 15 MB
Stuffed_32bit.zip 13 MB

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